Hunter Machine Inc. has been efficiently producing the highest quality manufacturing products since 1988. We have offered thousands of products to numerous industries over the past 28 years including (but not limited too): Transportation, Health Services, Laboratory Equipment, Optical, Sporting, etc.... By forming exceptional relationships and partnerships with our customers, we are able to successfully meet the demands of an ever changing on demand manufacturing environment. With our state of the art facility and next generation machines, Hunter Machine is providing our customers with the products of tomorrow at a more efficient cost, with the highest quality, and in a timely manner by utilizing the latest automated equipment available.

Flexible Manufacturing Systems or "FMS"

Due to changes in the manufacturing industry, Hunter Machine has taken a larger focus on our "agility" to better satisfy our customers. Being an agile manufacturer allows us to hit the delivery date the quickest, with the ability to efficiently prioritize and schedule jobs on a moment's notice with ease.

Hunter Machine has moved forward on building two Flexible Manufacturing Systems including MAZAK Nexus HCN 5000 and Variaxis i-700. Our first High-Rise 2 level PALLETECH linear pallet system supports 4 machines and 40 pallets. The second High-Rise 3 level PALLETECH linear pallet system supports 6 machines and 90 pallets. These systems can provide up to 80,000 hours of manufacturing hours per year running "lights-out", 24/7.

With these systems Hunter Machine can produce parts on an "On Demand Basis" with its own internal machine MRP system. This allows our inventory recovery time to be greatly reduced. Once a job has been introduced into our FMS it can "park" the job and recall the job back to production without setup. Having jobs tooled up and ready to run, on an "as needed" basis, will allow quick response times to low inventory parts. The FMS manufacturing system has also enabled Hunter Machine to drastically reduce direct labor cost by automating the manufacturing process.

Turn/Mill & Swiss Turn Capabilities

Hunter Machine also has multiple 5-Axis turning centers, including a Mazak ilOO Intergrex and Tsugami SS327 5-Axis Swiss turn. With multitasking turning centers and a complete Swiss turn department Hunter Machine has the turning capacity to produce the highest quality turned parts.